Natural Champa Incense Set


The Natural Champa Classic Blended Collection of Incense is a delight for the senses.

Each Incense stick is hand-dipped to provide the best quality available anywhere.

Scents include:
1. Natural Champa Classic (Blue): Exotic blend of florals with notes of Rose, Sandalwood, traces of Patchouli and Vanilla. A REAL CLASSIC!

2. PATCHOULI CHAMPA (Green): Indonesian Patchouli infused with Natural Champa creating a blend of exotic florals, natural woods, herbs, and resins. TWO CLASSICS IN ONE!

3. DRAGON’S BLOOD CHAMPA (Red): Indonesian Dragon’s Blood infused with Natural Champa creating a blend of exotic florals, herbs, and resins, resulting in a sweet blend with a hint of spice. SOOTHING PERFECTION!

4. EGYPTIAN MUSK CHAMPA (Gold): Blended natural herbs, and resins infused with Natural Champa creating a blend of exotic florals resulting in a refreshing, and calming scent. ANTI-STRESS!

5. FRANK & MYRRH CHAMPA (Yellow): Blended natural resins, infused with Natural Champa creating a sweet, woodsy, earthy scent sparking memories of nostalgia. HEAVEN SCENT!

6. MEDITATION CHAMPA (Purple): A rich blend of bold florals, including Ylang-Ylang, Jasmine, and Wintergreen infused with Natural Champa creating a scent that chanels your spiritual being. TRUE SPIRITUAL BLISS!

7. VANILLA CHAMPA (Cream): Rich Vanilla bean notes infused with Natural Champa creating a sweet scent with pronounced florals. CALMING RICHNESS!

 Woman meditating with incense

✅ WHAT YOU GET: 140 Sticks in the Natural Champa Variety Set 20 Sticks Each for Original, Patchouli, Dragon's Blood, Egyptian, Frankincense & Myrrh, Meditation and Vanilla.
✅ HOW TO USE: Simply light incense stick with match or other fire source, blow out after a few seconds and enjoy whenever you want to add the perfect aroma at home, spa or special event.
✅ WHY THEY'RE GREAT: Each stick burns for over 60 minutes and scents last even longer to provide you with a relaxing environment for longer.
✅ HOW THEY ARE MADE: Every incense stick is hand-dipped and infused with premium essential oils, to ensure the highest quality.
✅ MADE FOR YOU: If you enjoy wonderful aromas while relaxing, practicing yoga or meditation, during Reiki sessions, or simply love aromatic experiences.

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