Chakras 100% Natural Hand Dipped Incense Sticks 4 Anahata - Heart - Lo — Chakras Incense

Chakras 100% Natural Hand Dipped Incense Sticks 4 Anahata - Heart - Love - Primary Aromas Sandalwood & Rose - 11 inch - 35 Grams - 60 Minutes

$ 20.00

ANAHATA, the 4th Chakra is located in the Heart Center where resides our SOUL (ATMA), with SUPER SOUL also known as PARAMATMA, Our Soul is eternally pure and unaffected by anything material like a shining diamond hidden within us. Our True Self witnesses all our actions in the presence of PARAMATMA. It is like two birds sitting on a tree. While one (Soul) is eating fruit of one’s action and the other (Super Soul or PARAMATMA) is witnessing the action within each and every one of us. Upon attaining self realization, our attention becomes for the first time connected to our Spirit and we gradually become aware of it. Our misidentifications with our false EGO or conditionings drop and we start becoming identified with our true self which is our true nature. On the physical level, this Chakra looks after our heart and lungs - if affected it can cause asthma or various heart conditions. It is from our heart that the compassion and love manifests, also comes sense of responsibility and pure behaviour towards other. Our worries, doubts and fears are destroyed when this Chakra is fully awakened by the Kundalini. Before using the fragrant oil, a simple blessing/ prayer should be spoken for the desired effect in order to increase the effect and chances ofsuccess. A suggested Mantra is as follows; AUM SHAM SHANAISCARAYA NAMAH (Repeat 23 Times for better result) Chakras incense sticks are all Eco-Friendly. Each stick is made using bamboo which is a rapidly renewable resource. Chakras incense sticks are made with essential oils which are resin, herb and oil based products. All packaged incense products are made using recycled paper and Chakras incense encourages that the packaging is to be recycled after every use. There are no chemicals, colors, or dyes in the manufacturing of the incense products, thus resulting in products that are not harmful to the human body and the environment.

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