Chakras Incense - 140x Sticks lasting 60+ minutes each + Burner Included


Is your spiritual and physical health important to you?

Did you know that most incense is made with toxic materials such as charcoal, glue, chemical fragrances and even plywood?

Imagine what that does to your spirit and body!

Chakras Incense premium incense sticks are made from the finest ingredients and are perfect for

  • Meditation,
  • Purification,
  • Yoga,
  • Relaxation,
  • Magic,
  • Healing,
  • Prayer and,
  • Rituals.


Because we care about your health and your energy.

We understand that the products we use every day are choices that either enhance our lives or not.

You see, when we set out to create the Chakras incense we decided that each stick would be carefully crafted according to the requirements set forth by a doctor of Ayurveda.

Unlike other brands, this ensures that your have the perfect blend of essential oils to accompany you in your quiet moments of reflection without the worry of having negative energies around you

And because of the traditional way we make every stick, we make sure that every 11 inch stick burns for 60 minutes or more, which means your home or studio will be filled with fabulous aromas for even longer.

So while you are relaxing, reading a book, meditating or simply going about your day, Chakras Incense works wonders and creates an atmosphere of calmness and reflection around you.

"I highly recommend this incense above all others for anyone who is on a spiritual journey. This is my favorite incense. I chant the mantra that comes with each chakra scent before lighting the incense to help me become centered for my yoga and meditation sessions. During the sessions, if my mind wanders, I focus back on the sent to come back to the present." - Jackie


Did you know other brands use Charcoal?

Unlike other brands, we don't use chemicals that are harmful to the body and soul such as charcoal, lighter fluid or alcohol. These sticks are ALL NATURAL and made with Chakras essential oils which are balanced which means they are perfectly aligned to the vibrations of your chakras.

Chakras incense sticks aren't like other brands.

Every characteristic of our products is purposefully aligned to
respect you, the Earth and its bounty.

Purposefully selected Primary Aromas to balance and align every Chakra

1 – Root Chakra - Muladhara
       – Patchouli & Vetiver (Vetyver)

2 – Sacral Chakra – Svadhisthana
       – Ylang Ylang & Jasmine

3 – Solar Plexus Chakra – Manipura
       – Bergamotte & Ginger

4 – Heart Chakra – Anahata
       – Sandalwood & Rose

5 – Throat Chakra – Vishuddha
       – Frankincense & Peppermint

6 – Third Eye Chakra – Ajna
       - Cinnamon & Sage

7 – Crown Chakra – Sahasrara
       – Frankincense & Myrrh & Lotus

Here's what clients are saying about Chakras Incense:

Saving and Reordering for sure. I was super surprised to open a very well written email before even receiving my item going over the proper way to lite and handle the incense in addition to what to expect from the incense as this product does not have additives and burns differently. Kudos! I burned the first one last night and it was amazing! Smelt clean, didn't make me sneezy, and left my home with an ever lasting beautiful aroma even after the incense was done burning. I was long overdue on a lengthy prayer and mediation so I sage'd first and then, coupled the Anahata incense with my oil diffuser/air purifier mix of tea tree, lemon grass, and eucalyptus and frequency healing music ... total state of bliss for hours and will into the night. THANK YOU for supplying an amazing product! 


Definitely going to buy again one day. I love the variety of fragrance and how strong the scent of these were without being pervasive. They are made to work with just about any incense holder. I actually would cut a bit of the stick off to fit a little better in the two holders I own which are fairly small an don't accommodate such long ends, and to make sure less of the ash gets on the surface surrounding the holder. I always feel calmer with these burning and it does wonders for stress an anxiety. It took me a few months to go through this pack, so it's certainly a great value.



  • 140 sticks > 7 Individually wrapped packages with 20 incense sticks each.
  • Each stick burns for 60+ minutes 
  • 7 Mantras for the 7 Chakras
  • 1 Wooden Incense burner
  • Gift ready packaging


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Get the incense that cares about all of you.

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