7 Chakras Incense Sticks - Natural Root to Crown Set of 140 sticks

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Bring Balance to Your Life!

Do you enjoy meditation, reflection, yoga or aromatherapy? 

Then the 7 Chakras incense set is a great companion for you every session.

You can relax and prosper from the benefits each Chakra incense can provide.

From helping to balance a specific Chakra, to enjoying the unique aromas each have to offer, every incense stick helps you reflect on your alignment.

Whether you recently discovered chakras or you've been focusing on chakras for years, you will feel the difference the moment you open your first blend.

You can also discover the essence of every chakra since we'll include an insert in every package that will guide you on your discovery of these age old truths.

What makes Seven Chakras Incense Different?

Chakras Incense is All Natural: Every stick is made of natural bamboo and is hand dipped with care in the world's best essential oils.

Every Stick Lasts longer:  Every stick lasts over one hour which gives you 60 minutes of aromatherapy and a great way to keep your focus throughout your practice.

Made with Mother Nature in mind.... Nasty Chemical Free: Other products can contain charcoal, alcohol, gasoline, or other harmful chemicals. But not Chakras products. This means that the ambiance created from these sticks are made to promote your bliss, not your ill health.

An experience not to be missed... Each oil used in every blend is specifically selected by a doctor of Ayurveda (Vedic Doctor) to align & give you a feeling of compassion, well-being, inner peace, relaxation, centeredness, increased vitality and embodiment of oneself to raise your vibrations.

When you balance your chakras, the whole body works in harmony and you feel elevated, energized and whole.

✅ UNIQUE! Balanced aromas methodically selected by a doctor of Ayurveda (Vedic) makes it easier for you to get a feeling of compassion, well-being, inner peace, relaxation, centeredness, increased vitality and embodiment of oneself to raise your vibrations.

✅ 100% NATURAL lets you be assured that it is free of nasty chemicals like charcoal and other accelerants.

✅ DEPENDABLE! Lasts 60 minutes or more permits you to fills the room with the perfect aroma.

✅ ENVIRONMENT FRIENDLY! You can feel good even when they are gone! Wonderful packaging including individual fully recyclable packets for every chakra with descriptions and mantras. It also permits you to offer the perfect gift to someone who does yoga or meditation.

✅ PRACTICAL! Includes wooden incense catcher which allows you to burn your first stick the moment you receive your root to crown set.

Aromas for each type of incense stick are as follows:

  1 – Root Chakra - Joy
        Muladhara – Patchouli & Vetiver (Vetyver)

  2 – Sacral Chakra – Inner Inspiration
        Svadhisthana – Ylang Ylang & Jasmine

  3 – Solar Plexus Chakra – Generosity
        Manipura – Bergamotte & Ginger

  4 – Heart Chakra – Love
        Anahata – Sandalwood & Rose

  5 – Throat Chakra – Communication
        Vishuddha – Frankincense & Peppermint

  6 – Third Eye Chakra – Forgiveness & Compassion
        Ajna - Cinnamon & Sage

  7 – Crown Chakra – Absolute Perception of Reality
        Sahasrara – Frankincense & Myrrh & Lotus

Get your Seven Chakras Incense today, and feel the difference in your first session. 


P.S.: It's also a great gift for loved ones who enjoy meditation and yoga.


    Included :

  • 1 FREE incense burner
  • 20 x hand dipped 11 inch sticks per fragrance x 7 Packs = 140 sticks
  • 35 grams each pack - Total 245 grams per set
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