Who we are & What we do — Chakras Incense

Who we are & What we do

For thousands of years and in many parts of the world, incense is used to promote spiritual elevation and healing.
Nature consists of four elements: Earth, Air, Water and Fire. Chakras products are a celebration of these elements and an accretion of them into a whole.
This in essence is the spirit behind our creation and in its applications.
It seeks to touch the lives of people.
Chakras products are created using only the finest and richest essential oils and herbs from all over the world.
Our incense sticks and cones contain a base made from the purest sandalwood powder insuring the fullest aroma each time.
The only way to understand what Chakras strives for, is to simply experience it!


Chakras Incense


Chakras incense sticks are all Eco-Friendly.

Each stick is made using bamboo which is a rapidly renewable resource.
Our incense sticks & oils are made with essential oils which are resin, herb and oil based products.
All packaged incense products are made using recycled paper and we encourage that the packaging be recycled after every use.
The plastic bags used to hold the incense sticks are made from biodegradable plastics which are safe for the environment.
There are no chemicals, colours, or dyes in the manufacturing of the incense products, thus resulting in products that are not harmful to the human body and the environment.
Chakras Products are made available by Ocea Creations Inc.
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