Natural Champa Meditation Sticks - LIQ — Chakras Incense

Natural Champa Meditation Sticks - LIQ

$ 15.00
$ 7.99
✅ MEDITATION CHAMPA: A rich blend of bold florals, including Ylang-Ylang, Jasmine, and Wintergreen infused with Natural Champa creating a scent that channels your spiritual being. TRUE SPIRITUAL BLISS!
✅ [LONG-LASTING AROMA AND SMOOTH BURN] INCREASE VITALITY AND RAISE YOUR VIBRATION WITH THESE INCENSE incense sticks. Other incense are made with chemicals and synthetic scents, unlike ours. You’ll wish you found these ages ago.
✅ Other incense look great in pictures, yet are cheaply-made, aren’t long lasting, & have no guarantee (for a reason) like ours if they come damaged. Nothing else comes close.
✅ HOW THEY ARE MADE: Every incense stick is hand-dipped and infused with premium essential oils, to ensure the highest quality.
✅ HOW TO USE: Simply light incense stick with match or other fire source, blow out after a few seconds and enjoy whenever you want to add the perfect aroma at home, spa or special event.

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