Natural Champa Exquisite Incense Set — Chakras Incense

Natural Champa Exquisite Incense Set

$ 39.99
$ 29.99
Perfect for Environmental Scenting and Purification

140x 60 Minute Sticks (230g) with Free Wood Burner
Make your favorite space feel luxurious and delightful
Hand Dipped and made with Natural Bamboo

Are you searching for the perfect scent for your home, office, yoga or meditation studio?

The Natural Champa Classic Blended Collection of Incense is a delight for the senses. Each Incense stick is hand-dipped to provide the best quality available anywhere.

Scents include:
1. Natural Champa Classic (Blue): Exotic blend of florals with notes of Rose, Sandalwood, traces of Patchouli and Vanilla. A REAL CLASSIC!

2. PATCHOULI CHAMPA (Green): Indonesian Patchouli infused with Natural Champa creating a blend of exotic florals, natural woods, herbs, and resins. TWO CLASSICS IN ONE!

3. DRAGON’S BLOOD CHAMPA (Red): Indonesian Dragon’s Blood infused with Natural Champa creating a blend of exotic florals, herbs, and resins, resulting in a sweet blend with a hint of spice. SOOTHING PERFECTION!

4. EGYPTIAN MUSK CHAMPA (Gold): Blended natural herbs, and resins infused with Natural Champa creating a blend of exotic florals resulting in a refreshing, and calming scent. ANTI-STRESS!

5. FRANK & MYRRH CHAMPA (Yellow): Blended natural resins including frankincense & myrrh, infused with Natural Champa creating a sweet, woodsy, earthy scent sparking memories of nostalgia. HEAVEN SCENT!

6. MEDITATION CHAMPA (Purple): A rich blend of bold florals, including Ylang-Ylang, Jasmine, and Wintergreen infused with Natural Champa creating a scent that chanels your spiritual being. TRUE SPIRITUAL BLISS!

7. VANILLA CHAMPA (Cream): Rich Vanilla bean notes infused with Natural Champa creating a sweet scent with pronounced florals. CALMING RICHNESS!

 Woman meditating with incense

✅ WHAT YOU GET: 140 Sticks in the Natural Champa Variety Set 20 Sticks Each for Original, Patchouli, Dragon's Blood, Egyptian, Frankincense & Myrrh, Meditation and Vanilla.
✅ HOW TO USE: Simply light incense stick with match or other fire source, blow out after a few seconds and enjoy whenever you want to add the perfect aroma at home, spa or special event.
✅ WHY THEY'RE GREAT: Each stick burns for over 60 minutes and scents last even longer to provide you with a relaxing environment for longer.
✅ HOW THEY ARE MADE: Every incense stick is hand-dipped and infused with premium essential oils, to ensure the highest quality.
✅ MADE FOR YOU: If you enjoy wonderful aromas while relaxing, practicing yoga or meditation, during Reiki sessions, or simply love aromatic experiences.

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