Natural Champa Cones - 20 Pack — Chakras Incense

Natural Champa Cones - 20 Pack

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Our fragrant oils are made with ALL NATURAL essential oils, and are free of  additional elements such as alcohol, water or other carrier oils.

Prior to establishing manufacturing in the new world, Natural Scents had its production facilities in India. Its founder had always wanted to create products of better quality.

And so, after much reflection, he recreated an incense and essential oils manufacturing company in Canada to provide the new world with NATURAL PRODUCTS that were respectful of the environment and that would be safer for individuals.

The journey to bring to market viable products that would be embraced by fragrance enthusiasts would take 5 years of intensive research and development.

And, finally, the dream became a reality.

Today, Natural Scents produces a wide range of products and are adored & adorned in every corner of the new world.

The CHAMPA series of incense and essential oils in inspired by the world famous flower that bears its name.

The products in this collection have been specifically developed for individuals that want to be transported back to the culture of the Old World.

We hope you enjoy your travel through these worldly fragrances.

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