Ancestral 100% Natural Hand Dipped Incense Sticks Amber Scent 20 Sticks @ 60 minutes — Chakras Incense

Ancestral 100% Natural Aromas - Let the Ancients Enchant You

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$ 8.99

These Ancestral aromas are made from natural essential oils, resins and aroma compounds formulated with Ancestral Ingredients. The resulting all-natural incense is a voluptuous mixture, intoxicating and satisfying. 

The Incense and fragrant oils are of the highest quality, with a base of the purest essential oils. The smell is very agreeable and creates an atmosphere of purity and freshness which last long after the incense stick has burned.

Choose from 11-inch/60 minutes sticks and 20-minute cones in 12 different aromas: 

Amber Amber's magical side has an influence on the subtle atmosphere by eliminating it of all negative influence. Amber also clears the mind and helps projects reach fruition. It is used in rituals, in ceremonies and in invocations.
Benzoin The magical side of Benzoin acts on the intellect by eliminating all forms of impure and crude thoughts. Benzoin is also an effective antiseptic.
Sandalwood Sandalwood's magical side acts to increase one's chances of healing. Sandalwood also acts on the inner self to improve willpower and spirituality. It cleanses the atmosphere of negative influences, increases receptivity and inspires devotion.
Myrrh The magical side of Myrrh acts on increasing one's spirituality as a protective agent and  improving one's chances of healing. Myrrh dissolves and dissipates the crude and impure exhalations which can form around us. It also amplifies the emotions of friendship and improves relations with others. 
Frank incense The magical side of Frank Incense influences the subtle atmosphere by purifying it of all negative influence. It clears the mind and helps projects succeed. It is used in rituals, ceremonies and invocations, and for the consecration of crystals and ritual objects.
Frank-myrrh Frank-myrrh is a mixture of Frank Incense and Myrrh whose magical side acts as purifier of negative influences and increases spirituality. It clears the mind and helps projects succeed, and can be used during ceremonies, and for the consecration of crystals and ritual objects. It favors friendship. 
Dragon's Blood The magic of Dragon Blood works as a protective agent and increases the properties of  other plants, as well as increasing psychic forces. Its use is widespread in rituals of love as a protection against bad sexual influences and intrusions into one's intimacy. It is also said to increase sexual appetite. 
Fire Place Thanks to this combination of essential oils, you will be able to reproduce the smell of wood burning in the fireplace. 
Hemp Through a blend of essential oils you will experience the smell of hemp. For 10, 000 years, we have harvested hemp seeds for food, fiber for paper, fishing nets and textiles. The Chinese used it to heal wounds by applying the sheets directly on the wound. 
Cannabis Thanks to a mixture of essential oils, you will experience the cannabis smell, produced by this plant which is both male and female. Cannabis can create an altered state of consciousness and has been used as medication for millennium in Asia because of its positive effect on illness.
Champa Supreme Discover the mystic and transcending aroma of champa incense, which is used in India during ceremonies in temples and for meditations in the ashrams. You might live a spiritual experience as well.
Opium Opium: In 763, China began importing poppy seeds from Arab countries. Sap can be extracted from these seeds and used for its several beneficial properties. India, Greece and France process this sap for pharmaceutical use. 

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