7 Chakras Incense Sticks - Natural Root to Crown - Set of 140 sticks


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7 Chakras - 20 sticks each - Each stick lasts 1 hour.

Chakras Incense are premium incense sticks used by Reiki practitioners, yoga enthusiasts, dedicated energy healers.  The pure essential oils, carefully selected by an Ayurvedic doctor, ensure that you have the best incense for your reflection, meditation or yoga session every time. 

Here's what clients are saying:

Saving and Reordering for sure. Kudos! I burned the first one last night and it was amazing! Smelt clean, didn't make me sneezy, and left my home with an ever lasting beautiful aroma even after the incense was done burning. I was long overdue on a lengthy prayer and mediation so I sage'd first and then, coupled the Anahata incense with my oil diffuser/air purifier mix of tea tree, lemon grass, and eucalyptus and frequency healing music ... total state of bliss for hours and will into the night. THANK YOU for supplying an amazing product!

This incense is of the highest quality. I will continue using this brand. In addition to the high quality, the service and delivery was amazing as well. Thanks !

Wonderful selected fragrances! Lasts through my entire mediation and after. I love that each incense pack comes with a sheet that talks about what the chakra is and assists in a prayer to say before mediation. I love the extra insight. I would purchase them again.


Unlike other brands, we don't use chemicals that are harmful to the body and soul such as charcoal, lighter fluid or alcohol. These sticks are ALL NATURAL and made with Chakras essential oils which are never weakened which means they are perfectly aligned to the strengths of every chakra.

This also ensures that your environment is filled with aromas that support your needs.

Chakras incense isn't like other brands.
Every characteristic of our products is purposefully aligned to respect you, the Earth and its bounty. .

Primary Aromas for each type of stick are as follows: 
1 – Root Chakra - Muladhara – Patchouli & Vetiver (Vetyver)
2 – Sacral Chakra – Svadhisthana – Ylang Ylang & Jasmine
3 – Solar Plexus Chakra – Manipura – Bergamotte & Ginger
4 – Heart Chakra – Anahata – Sandalwood & Rose
5 – Throat Chakra – Vishuddha – Frankincense & Peppermint
6 – Third Eye Chakra – Ajna - Cinnamon & Sage
7 – Crown Chakra – Sahasrara – Frankincense & Myrrh & Lotus

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