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  • 7 Chakras Incense - Natural Root to Crown Set
  • Chakras Incense Set
  • Muladhara Incense
  • Svadhisthana Incense
  • Manipura Incense
  • Anahata Incense
  • Vishuddha Incense
  • Ajna Incense
  • Sahasrara Incense
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7 Chakras Incense - Natural Root to Crown Set

  • Product Type: Incense
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Included are

  • 1 FREE incense burner
  • 20 x 11 inch sticks per fragrance x 7 Packs = 140 sticks
  • 35 grams each pack - Total 245 grams per set

    You just found the best incense for  
    Meditation,   Reiki,   Aromatherapy, Energy Healing and Cleansing!

    Because Chakras Incense is All Natural: Every stick is made with natural bamboo and the world's best essential oils.

    Lasts longer: Every stick is hand dipped and handled with care. This is why they last over one hour which gives you 60 minutes of aromatherapy and a great way to keep your focus.

    Made with Mother Nature in mind.... Nasty Chemical Free: This means that the smoke created from the sticks won't harm you because they do not contain charcoal, alcohol, gasoline, or other harmful chemicals found in other products.

    An experience not to be missed... Each oil used in every blend is specifically selected by a doctor of Ayurveda to align to give

    a feeling of compassion,


        inner peace,



                    increased vitality and

                           embodiment of oneself to raise your vibrations.

    Benefit from the pure aromas for every Chakra incense stick:

    1. Root - Muladhara
      - Centers upon your core need for SURVIVAL, security and livelihood
      – Patchouli & Vetiver

    2. Sacral – Svadhisthana 
      - Influences personal CREATIVITY from artistic expression to creative problem solving
      Ylang Ylang & Jasmine

    3. Solar Plexus – Manipura 
      - Strongly influences IDENTITY and sense of self worth
      Bergamotte & Ginger

    4. Heart – Anahata
      - Influences your ability to give and receive LOVE and cope with sadness from betrayals, breakup and death of a loved one
      Sandalwood & Rose

    5. Throat – Vishuddha 
      - Influences your ability to COMMUNICATE your thoughts, opinions, desires and feelings and the ability to hear, listen and understand

      Frankincense & Peppermint

    6. Third Eye – Ajna
      - Influences the part of the mind that controls your common sense, WISDOM, intelligence, memory, dreams, spirituality and intuition
      Cinnamon & Sage

    7. Crown – Sahasrara
      - Influences the superior CONSCIOUSNESS of yourself beyond the physical or material
      Frankincense & Myrrh & Lotus
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