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7 Chakras Incense - Natural Root to Crown Set

Included are 1 FREE incense burner 20 x 11 inch sticks per fragrance x 7 Packs = 140 sticks 35 grams each pack - Total 245 grams per set   You just found the best incense for  Meditation,   Reiki,   Aromatherapy, Energy Healing and Cleansing! Because Chakras Incense is All Natural: Every stick is made with natural bamboo and the world's best essential oils. Lasts longer: Every stick...

7 Chakras Essential Oils

You found the essential oils that were created for your Chakras! Chakras™ fragrant oils were created by a doctor of Ayurveda and every bottle contains some of the best essential oils of magnificent quality, superior aromatic herbs and flowers of exquisite fragrance, botanical resins, rare woods and exotic spices. These are some of our state of the art natural fragrant oil...

The 7 Chakras On Black - Women's T-Shirt

Our women's t-shirts are made from 100% pre-shrunk cotton and are available in five different sizes.   All women's t-shirts are machine washable.