Natural Oils Blends — Chakras Incense

Natural Oils Blends

Our fragrant oils are blends of some of the best essential oils in the world.
We never use any harsh chemicals in any of our fragrant oils.

Every bottle contains some of the best essential oils of magnificent quality, superior aromatic herbs and flowers of exquisite fragrance, botanical resins, rare woods and exotic spices from around the world.

We hope you enjoy your travel through fragrance!

7 Chakras Oils

7 Chakras Oils

from $ 14.99

I absolutely love these oils as well as the Chakras Incense I ordered. I use the oils in an atomizer. I highly recommend these products. - Richard ...

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Natural Champa Essential Oil Blends

Natural Champa Essential Oil Blends

$ 24.99
$ 19.99

Natural concentrated pure essential oils blends for body, bath, perfumery, oil burners and environmental scenting. Ideal for use in diffusers, vap...

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