7 Chakras Incense Sticks Set for Meditation, Yoga & Reflection

7 Chakras Natural Incense

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"I love the beauty of the set and it smells amazing. You are in for a treat purchasing this!"
- Dan Y.


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The all-natural Ayurvedic Incense set

This incense set is perfect for your "me" moments. Each hand-dipped incense stick is infused with an aroma that is the result of a secret blend of several essential oils that are specifically designed for your every chakra.

Every incense stick you light helps you focus on a particular Chakra:

Root Chakra is for eliminating worries about things like money, safety, or shelter
 - Primary notes: Patchouli & Vetiver

Sacral Chakra to help you enjoy the fruits of your labour
 - Primary aromas: Ylang Ylang & Jasmine

Solar Plexus also known as the warrior Chakra gives you a feeling of great personal power
💛 - Primary scents: Bergamote & Ginger

Heart Chakra when balanced helps you feel love for yourself and others
 - Primary tones: Sandalwood & Rose

Throat Chakra helps you clearly speak with love, kindness and truth
💙 - Primary notes:  Frankincense & Peppermint

3rd Eye Chakra, when balanced, is a beautiful thing. It's really what you are trying to achieve when you start on your path to spiritual development
💜 Primary aromas: Cinnamon & Sage

Crown Chakra, achieving a balanced Crown chakra is the goal of every spiritual person and is not easy to do.
🤍 - Primary Aromas: Frankincense, Myrhh and Lotus

Unlike other brands, that add synthetic smells to their incense, Chakras Incense is made with natural materials to ensure a closer connection with the world around us. The bamboo sticks are dipped with care to ensure the highest quality.


You'll notice the quality when you open your first box of incense. Each stick stays intact and there isn't any incense wasted in the bottom of the packaging. This means you get a longer burn time and you do not waste your money on up to half of your incense purchase.

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Do you practice Meditation, Reiki, Yoga, Aromatherapy, or Healing?

If your answer is "yes" then this will be your new favorite as soon as you light your first all natural Chakras Incense Stick.

Chakras incense sticks are specifically designed to help you align and balance your chakras.

They were created by a doctor of Ayurveda who applied knowledge that has been handed down through the generations to provide incense that is all natural and a perfect companion for your quest for balance and alignment.

You probably know that Ayurveda is one of the world's oldest holistic ("whole-body") healing systems. If you would like to find out more about Chakras click here.

When you cleanse & purify your space for your favorite activity, each incense stick provides a clean natural burn that lasts 60 or more minutes.


 Experience Long-Lasting Incense Made Specifically For Chakra Activation

Ready to end the frustration of incense that all have the same “burnt” smell? Want to support your spiritual practices so you can stay centered and feel uplifted? Like the idea of having incense each with its own distinct and lovely aroma dedicated to each chakra? These are the incense you’ve been searching for. Nothing compares. Money-back guarantee makes this a no-brainer!

Whether you use these incense to relax after a long day or to assist in chakra work, you’ll be impressed with the long-lasting, smooth burn of these chakra sticks. That smile on your face when you realize your incense didn’t burn out while you were meditating is worth far more than the price you’re paying; you know this. 

Note from the manufacturer: Unfortunately, demand has spiked as our Chakras Incense, as news continues to spread on social media. If you see the green button above, place your order quickly. We’re doing our best to keep our product in stock.


Essential Set includes:

< 140 sticks >
7 Individually wrapped packages with 20 incense sticks


Chakras Complete Gift Set

< 140 sticks >
7 Individually wrapped packages with 20 incense sticks 

7 Mantras for the 7 Chakras
1 wooden incense burner, *can be different than the burner shown
Gift ready packaging


Quantities Limited
Free Shipping Available
Gift Set also available with increased shipping delays on
Amazon.com and Amazon.ca

Top 10 Reasons to get Chakras Incense
Gets you into a positive state
Long Burn time
All natural - Charcoal and Chemical Free
Great Packaging
Makes for a great gift
Makes being home a lot less stressful
Great companion for yoga and meditation
Helps you relax
Gift Set is ready to go with ash catcher & 140+ hours of pleasurable aromas
Scents are subtle and beautiful

What is Chakras Incense?

The Chakras Collection is a complete line of all natural products devoted to your chakras.

The 7 elemental essential oils blends combined from a special selection of aromas from around the world to help you connect from root to crown.

We infuse Chakras incense sticks and cones these with these 100% natural essential oils into natural bamboo & raw incense to create the best olfactory experience for your "me time".

No chemicals are used in the creation of our products.

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